IDEM exhibition

The story of IDEM since the beginning of 1985 is going to be told in an exhibition at C-Mine, Genk (B)

October 18- November 18  2019


studio Luk van der Hallen

Art +(plus) Design

creates surprising concepts

and designs for museum and exhibition. Visuals, creative and poetic storytelling and experiences are our thing.

The studio also envolves in art, theatre and critical design.

We organise the international IDEM design workshops.




Luk van der Hallen is “Moment maker’ at the art festival Moment in Tongeren, BE and shows the installation ‘Momentum’ from Aygust 9-18

IDEM 23 in the castle of Alden Biesen, Belgium, where it all began in 1985, from October 6-12. This edition is being organised by the LUCA school of arts, Genk, Belgium. Participants: Folkwang University, Essen, Fachhochschule Dortmund and Germany, Israel, Brazil, Norway, Sweden and Belgium.

We are preparing a book about IDEM’s history since it’s start in 1985 up till now.

Workshop Scenography at department of Museum and Exhibition Design of the Joanneum, Graz, Austria, November 14-16.

Art Festival Moment, Tongeren (B)
The idea ’slowness’ is fascinating but difficult to image. In this installation there is a table, five meters long, a table cloth and a cristal vase with flowers. By turning the wheel a visitor can pull the cloth to one side, and make the vase fall and break. However, by a system of reduction, numerous rotations are needed to move the vase minimally. About 200.000 turns will bring the vase at the edge. It is an interesting question if people are willingly to put effort, energy and TIME to destroy something beautiful.
At the same time the flowers will wither in time. 
Transience is also a reason to replace and to destroy.
The work is also a metaphor for the issues of global warming : our way of living is like turning the wheel, without seeing visible change. But there is: the Earth, the vase, slowly moves to the edge. We will only react when we actually are at the peril of destruction?Moment_Art_Festival_2019.html

‘Artbooks 2019’

Creation of a limited set of books based on drawings. Every issue is 30 numbered and signed books. For sale: contact me at

‘Uit het Goede Hout’

Villa Verbeelding, Hasselt (B)

An exhibition of illustrators using the  craft technique of woodcutting.



studio Luk van der Hallen


Expo ‘More than 1000 and 1 night’

Villa Verbeelding, Hasselt (B)

We are designing a new exhibition about the arabic stories of ‘Thousand and one Night’