Luk van der Hallen was comissioned to design 4 extra installations about the issue of the fugitives in the world. These were to be integrated in the existing exhibition of the regions suffering in World War 1, and act as a contemporary view on the outcome of wars since then. One installation is showing fugitives suitcases, from 1900 till 2018, with the storybooks of 6 fugitives: in Worls War 1, World War 2, the Hongarian crisis, the Vietnam war, the Yougoslavian wars and finally the Syrian civil war. A second installations show 66 gold figures of fugitives, in an immersive audio room.

66 Million fugitives in the world

Installations in the

Experience Center World War 1, Tildonk (B)

studio Luk van der Hallen

Third installation shows thousands of useless keys, from fugitives houses abandoned. Information is hidden and can be revealed by swiping the keys.

In a last installation five children portrets are shown, without and with their textile covers.

In addition to the exhibition, a box was designed for making it possible to have instant workshops about toy making in fugitive camps. This  is a project of Emma Ribbens: ‘Nomadlab’.