Moment is a yearly art festival in the city of Tongeren (B). Luk van der Hallen was selected to make an installation about the theme of ‘Time’. The idea ’slowness’ is fascinating but difficult to image. In this installation there is a table, five meters long, a table cloth and a cristal vase with flowers. By turning the wheel a visitor can pull the cloth to one side, and make the vase fall and break. However, by a system of reduction, numerous rotations are needed to move the vase minimally. About 244.000 turns will bring the vase at the edge. It is an interesting question if people are willingly to put effort, energy and TIME to destroy something beautiful.

At the same time the flowers will wither in time. Transience is also a reason to replace and to destroy.


Moment, Art Festival, Tongeren (B) 2019

studio Luk van der Hallen

The work is also a metaphor for the issues of global warming : our way of living is like turning the wheel, without seeing visible change. But there is: the Earth, the vase slowly moves to the edge. We will only react when we actually are at the peril of destruction?