Concept was to show the Africa continent of today, with an optimistic vision and respect, away from the cliché that people may have.

The museumshop is being integrated in the scenario of the visitors center.

Visitors ‘arrive’ by a voyage in a plane in the airport of Acra, the capital of Ghana, actual it is the museums shop. Visitors then can choose a character that they can ‘play’ in the exhibition. Next door, ‘out of the airport’, leads out through a hot room with a hectic video illustrating the city of Acra, in Ghana.

‘Afrikacentrum’/’Africa center’

Cadier en Keer (NL)


Experiences with temperature, smell, sound, touch and light are the ingredients. For example, the background sound and light changes every 15 minutes from night to day. Though all scenografy is very sharp, minimal, clear and designed, the used colours are the main factor for creating the typical African  atmosphere.