Private Library

We designing a library for the client’s personnal collection of 7000 culinairy books.


studio Luk van der Hallen

Scenography Supernova, Antwerp (B)

Supernova is a tech and innovation festival organized by VITO (Flemish Institute for Technological Research) Sept 27-30, 2018. It is one-of-a-kind event, where visionary solutions, technologies and insights come together.

Art +(plus) Design

creates surprising concepts and designs for museum and exhibition. Visuals, creative and poetic storytelling and experiences are our thing. The studio also envolves in art, theatre and critical design. We organise the international IDEM design workshops.




On Jan 10 2018, Luk van der Hallen was Juror art and design projects of Vocatio, Brussels. Candidates for a  support of 10.000 euro can apply for the next round: go to and fill out your application before November 16, 2018.

IDEM 22 in PRORA, Germany, Sept. 16-24, 2018

This edition is being organised by the Folkwang University, Essen. Participation from Germany, Israel, Brazil, Norway, Sweden and Belgium.

‘Child with Teddybear’

A special limited edition at the occasion of the opening op the exhibition in Tildonk (B)

‘Experience Center World War 1’, Tildonk (B)
We designed 4 contemporary installations about the global issue of fugitives. They were integrated in the existing exhibition.Tildonk_2018.html

‘Recent artworks’

The objective is to edit a limited set of books with thematic drawings: ‘Scorpion Machines’, “Machines for Dead Trees’, ‘Procratinatin Artist’ ‘Disconnected persons’.


Villa Verbeelding, Hasselt (B)

This time authors were asked  to send in their self-portret. For the young visitors interactive and instructive installations were designed.

‘Camera Obscura’

The studio experimented with the Renaissance drawing tools during the Civitella Workshop with the students Productdesign of the LUCA schools of Art in Italy.

‘Digital Radio’ 
Radiohouse VRT, Leuven (B) 
For the promotion of the DAB-radio (digital radio broadcast), 
the Flemish Radio and Television (VRT) asked the Studio to design a new addition to the existing exhibition.Radio_Digitaal_2018.html

‘Chocolate Amnesty’

Luk van der Hallen’s Design Academy Eindhoven students designed a critical chocolate product for Amnesty International. The students worked in the atelier of master chocolatier Bart Jansen, Maasmechelen, Belgium.


studio Luk van der Hallen